their own dirty deeds. 

In the case of Roger Stone, we saw a sentencing recommendation of seven to nine years by the prosecutors on the case, that is until Attorney General William Barr said that this was not what he was told would be the recommendation. 

The prosecutors on the case resigned eminently, claiming that Bar was obstructing justice. 

If you look at the names of all the attornies that resigned, they were members of Robert Mueller’s special counsel.

This obstruction claim by this gang of attornies brought Eric Swalwell out, saying that obstruction was an impeachable offense. 

Could this be another setup to pin something new on our President? 

Along the same line of fake justice in the Michael Flynn case, before Sidney Powell took over the case, the court said it would look into charges that the attornies did not provide adequate representation. 

Dan Bongino reported that Eric Holder was involved, after his stint in the Obama Justice Department, with the same firm that represented Mr. Flynn. Conflict of interest much? Do you really think this firm cared about truly representing Mr. Flynn when the Obama Justice Department was gunning for him? 

There is so much more to each of the cases I have talked about, but there is one theme that can clearly be seen in both of them. 

In America, we lack true justice! We as patriates must place a kibosh to this fiasco now! 

Our God is a God of justice! Over and over, He talks about injustice and how it angers Him. Do we truly want to go down that road? 

I pray not. 

Until this situation comes to some resolution, 

Pray up, armor up, and war strong. 

God Bless, Teresa Blaes