You could be the next Roger Stone.
Robert has been plaguing the Trump administration with his special investigation and has been methodically arresting anyone who remotely had anything to do with our duly elected president getting into office.
The common theme is that each and every one of the takedowns of the people around President Trump, Michael Coin, Jerome Corsi, Robert Manafort, and now just added to the list Roger stone… Each one of these men has been charged with small crimes with one goal, either testify against trump, claim he did something wrong, or have your life destroyed.
Let’s take a look at the latest in Mueller arrests, Roger Stone.
On Friday night the FBI along with other organizations dressed in full tactical gear came storming into Stones home to arrest him on 101 prosses crimes.
Is the man guilty? I do not know, and that is not a point I want to get in to with this article. In all honesty, I know very little about the man accept I have heard him a few times on Infowars.
My concern is as follows.
Why were such heavy-handed tactics used? Was stone a flight risk? Was he a hardened criminal?
Or was this a ploy in order to scare him, and his family so that he might think twice about working with the Mueller team?
In other words, you haven’t played ball like we want you to, and we have the power to destroy your life, so you better decide right here and right now what you are going to do. All the while Mueller has a legal gun pointed in Stone’s face.
This is a trend we are seeing that is honestly scary. It is authoritarian countries who do this sort of thing, it has no place here in the United States of America.
Roger Stone could have easily come in with his Lawyer and submitted to arrest, but no they decided to treat him like a hardened dangerous criminal.
This sets a very ugly president. If they are willing to do this with stone, what else is our government capable of?
We as a nation are moving into very murky waters, what better time to be on our knees in prayer.
I hope this makes some sense.
Please read and share.
God bless,
Teresa Blaes.