The majority of western media portray Ukraine as absolutely blameless and without any wrongdoing. We also hear cries for other nations to aid in fending off the Rusa invasion.

While citizens of Ukraine have the right to protect their nation, this does not give the leadership a free pass. There is plenty of proof of corruption with the Ukrainian government, and of course, the Byden administration has acquired and paid for several Ukrainian firms.

In the meanwhile, may Putin have had a motive to invade? There is substantial evidence that the US Pentagon has funded bioweapons research and development.

This does not absolve Russian President Vladimir Putin of culpability or absolve him of responsibility for his acts, but may he have been targeting these scientific facilities? Could these websites explain some of his actions?

All I am saying is it is challenging to know the truth from the lies when both sides are pumping out propaganda. We must use discernment given to us by the Holy Spirit. We can not just blindly pick aside because there is no black and white answer on that side of the world.

And above all, we must pray up, armor up, and war strong.

God Bless,

Teresa Blaes