While everyone’s attention is focused on the crisis unfolding in Ukraine or the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice on the hill, President Biden spoke to a group of CEOs and declared that the time has come for a New World Order as a result of recent events. 

 The irony is that he is not the first president to make such a demand, nor is he the only international leader who wishes for it to happen. 

 For years, the elites have been advocating for a New World Order in some form or another. 

 It’s now known as the “great reset.” 

It all boils down to a one-world government, a one-world economy, and a one-world religion, all of which will usher in the Anti-Christ. 

  If you are a Christian, you are aware that our Lord said that we will hear of such things as wars and rumors of wars, tragedies in many locations, and so on. Nonetheless, we are encouraged to raise our heads since our redemption is approaching. 

Now we must pray up, armor up, and war strong.  

God bless,  

Teresa Blaes.