Vincent Lambert dies after 9 days without food or water.
I wrote first about this case here, about this disabled man who was condemned to die by starvation in France. Now I come to share the sad news that he died on July 11 after 9 days without a morsel of food, or a single drop of water.
According to Life Site Newsb France openly rejected placing a stay on this sentence so that the United Nations Committee for Disabled Persons could take a look at the case.
Let’s call this what it is. This was murder of the worst sort by the state because someone else decided to play god.
We saw this years ago with Tarry Shivo, and we now see it again.
This man didn’t die in comfort, he wasn’t put in deep sudation, and he was left to suffer at the whim of a doctor who frankly in my view needs to hang up his stethoscope.
Be aware Christian, this is coming here, this is what is in store if we do not armor up and war strong.
Someone died because he was deemed not fit to live, but who is the state to decide that?
To those who back this sick practice, What gives you the right to play God? You want to decide who lives, and who dies?
I hope and pray you repent of this evil, and turn to the only one who gives life and takes it away  That is the Lord Almighty.
Please share this article, for any and all who need to hear it.
I write this utterly sickened, because if this can happen to the least of us, it can happen to anyone.
Pray up, armor up, and war strong.
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