Right now, you are hearing a lot of nothing about impeachment
proceedings and how the house of representatives is trying to get that
done. Yet when you peel back all the junk and look at the facts of
this matter, what is their gripe with our president really about?
The fact is, should the democrats move to impeach Trump, then he will
be the first president in US history to be impeached for the very
“crime” of winning the US. Election.

What are they using as fuel, as the reason behind impeachment?
President Trump dared to call the Ukraine president and ask for
information on their investigation into the dirty dealings of Hunter
Biden, the son of democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden. What
those who are against Trump are advocating, is that the president
asked for the investigation to use for political reasons, not that he
only asked for information already collected by a foreign government.
This in light of the 20 20 elections, is their last-ditch effort to
remove a duly elected president, because they know they cannot defeat
him in an open race and contest of ideas.

There are so many reasons why they are desperate to get rid of Trump,
everything from his stance on nationalism, to his pro-life beliefs.
All that being said, lets peel back the onion back a little further shall we?
All the election stuff, all the impeachment talk, all the fake stream
media sound bites that you may hear are nothing more than bread and
circus to brainwash the mindless masses of humanity in this country.
The truth is, that President Trump is not a member of the good old
boys club, whose ranks include both sides of the political aisle.
Trump was an outsider, and he is not a member of the Luciferian elite,
who seek to bring in the dawn of the golden age, or as biblical
thinking followers of Christ would call it the New world order, where
the anti-Christ rules and reigns.

Because Trump does not check these boxes, he must be utterly destroyed
both politically, and personally.
So what is the answer to all this evil?
First of all, if you are not a believer in Yashuah Jesus, you must fix
this ASAP! You can have all the preparations made physically, and
financially, but be completely bankrupt spiritually, without his blood
covering your Sins via his death on the cross.
Second, if you are a patriate and you believe in the constitutional
republic, then we must be alert to what is going on and do all we can
to preserve it. This means electing those who will defend our God
given rights, as defined, and who believe in as little government
intrusion as possible.
We are in a war that is first and for most spiritual, but is
manifesting itself physically.
With this understanding, I challenge you to stand up, war strong, and knuckle up.

God bless,
Teresa Blaes.