Unresolved News is a division of Unresolved life Ministries and founded by Teresa Blaes, blogger, and host of the flagship Unresolved Life podcast.
The goal here at URN is to bring today’s news without the spin, seeking the truth behind the headlines. and from a Biblical perspective. We will not shy away from any story.
We do our best to vet our sources but our goal is twofold, to expose the deeds of darkness to the light of day, and ready God’s people for the coming of our Lord.
We are founded on Hosiah 4:6 and Ezekial 33:6
Every contributor is independent and responsible for their own work.
We will often use third-party sources, and we link to them, so you can do your own research.

Every podcast or column that is written is not necessarily supported by URN or Unresolved Life ministries though every effort has been made to vet each person that is apart of this venture.