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Trudeau Declares Emergency Act

A group of trucks from western Canada began to drive to the Canadian Capital, Ottawa, to protest the lockdowns, especially the vaccine mandates. As the truck convoy traveled across the provinces of Canada, they were joined by...

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A Winter of Death

According to the mainstream media and the white house regime, a new viral winter is coming, and the unvaccinated are in their sites. If you have been a good citizen and taken the jab, your life will be returning to a form of...

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As of 12:00 am Sunday morning, the province of New Brunswick is enacting new laws. Indoor gatherings can not exceed 20, and outdoor groups can not exceed 50. Not that many people are meeting outdoors in New Brunswick in...

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Turkey day thoughts

 As I write, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.   And while at unresolved news, we have done our best to keep you alert to what is going on in the news cycle; I’m not going to do that here. Yes, some things happen that make you want...

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