When we recite the Pledge to the American flag, we say,”I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands….” We do not say, “. . . and to the ]Democracy] for which it stands….” On the contrary, many politicians in Washington, reporters in the news media, and many Americans refer to our form of government as a Democracy. In fact, many Americans believe a Democracy and a Republic are synonymous forms of government, but they are very different. 

The difference resides in “the source of authority.” Within itself, a Democracy operates by the majority of the people casting their votes, which rules in the decision making of various policies. This type of government is controlled by the rapidly fluctuating feelings of the majority. For this reason, our Founding Fathers called a democracy, a ‘mobocracy.’  We are seeing the Founders’ description and prediction play acted by the deep state establishment impeachment coup of Trump. Our Founding Fathers knew if we the people neglected the Biblical principles that formed the legal basis of this government, our republic would be destroyed. Indeed, our republic was almost destroyed through the 2016 election, but for the Spirit of God Who moved the heart interest of the people to vote. 

Our Founders envisioned and purposed our nation’s government to operate under a Republic. In this type of government, the general citizenry elects representatives who enact laws which governs the country. Hence, a republic is ruled by law, and specifically, in our United States government, it is based on “Biblical, natural law,” as opposed to a democracy. For example, within the Biblical guidelines of this Republic, murder is always a crime. In a democracy, if a citizen majority deems murder as not a crime, then murder will not be a violation of the law. 

Regarding this dichotomy of governments, Founding Father Benjamin Rush observed, “‘[W]here there is no law, there is no liberty, and nothing deserves the name of law but that which is certain and universal in its operation upon all the members of the community.’”  

A republican form of government is the most valuable and premier system; however, it requires citizens’ utmost care and preservation. We the people must safeguard against corruption and obstruction in their government leaders and their policies through watchfulness. When a republic is neglected, it leads toward the following inferior types of government.


Democracy Controlled by popular feeling of citizens 
Anarchy A person determines his or her own standards and rules for living
Oligarchy  Run by a small, elite group of people 
Dictatorship Dictates made by a single person


My prayer is that by reading this article, and the links to the article entitled, Republic v. Democracy, you will clearly know the difference between these two forms of government. You will know the type and purpose of our United States government so that you can guard and protect your Republic. 


Anne Marie