Everyone has watched Russia and Ukraine. Some countries are taking sides, while others are not involved. Here in the US, the government seems to be divided. Should we get involved?

As it stands, our policy seems to be to let’s aid them as best we can, and while we might want to go to war, the population doesn’t have the stomach for it, so we’ll wait.

. Meanwhile, everyone forgets about those on both sides of the conflict who don’t want to be involved in another war. Yet they don’t seem to have an option in the matter. And what about the soldiers? There’s some evidence that even the soldiers don’t have the heart to fight.

Can we trust what we’re being shown on the media platforms? Are they telling us the truth? Is there a way to know? Because we know that part of any war is propaganda.

We both need to be aware of what is going on and in prayer. The more things escalate, the more we get dragged into this, the more we as believers must realize that everything political has a spiritual root. The enemy of our soul loves nothing more than to cause violence and bloodshed, and sorrow.

We have been targeted for cyber warfare. This could cause significant problems. If we get involved, we will experience nuclear warfare. I don’t think anyone wants that.

Remember, leaves are the days we are reminded to see wars and rumors of wars, but we must not get discouraged because our redemption is drawing near.

Let’s pray up armor up and wore strong.

God bless Teresa Blaes.