This is a must read, and share not everything is as it seems with this virus we know there are cases here in the us. please do what you can to build up your amune system.

Above all, pray up, armor up, war strong. Despite Beijing’s best efforts to slap a hopeful face on the coronavirus outbreak, public sentiment is turning toward anger over the communist government’s inability to contain the outbreak.
The monthlong string of bad days for the Chinese government took a serious nosedive early Thursday when it was discovered the doctor who tried in vain to alert world health officials about the coronavirus outbreak at its onset has died. Dr. Li Wenliang was one of eight doctors who tried to share the information, but was punished by Wuhan police for “spreading rumors.”
The 34-year-old ophthalmologist posted to medical school classmates in an online chat that a number of patients were being treated in a Wuhan hospital with SARS-like symptoms, but tested negative for that virus. That was on Dec. 30, 2019, just hours before local health officials declared the outbreak with 27 cases that were linked to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan.
Li was one of eight doctors who was called into the Wuhan police headquarters that evening. Each of them was reprimanded and forced to sign a letter promising not to discuss the outbreak any further in public. All eight were then publicly rebuked for “spreading rumors” on the Communist Party of China’s television mouthpiece, CCTV, the next day.
The doctor returned to work Jan. 3, and just one week later, he began showing symptoms of the coronavirus outbreak. On Jan. 11, he developed a fever, and the next day he was hospitalized—but still the Chinese government insisted there had been no human-to-human transmission.
He was finally told he had been infected with the coronavirus on Feb. 1. This despite receiving several previous test results that showed he was negative for the disease—fueling speculation those results were falsified. In his last post on the Weibo social media platform, he said he could no longer move and added that his parents were also now infected.
The news of Li’s passing was reported by the state-run mouthpiece, Global Times, as well as the World Health Organization, but the Wuhan Central Hospital claimed for more than two hours that he was merely in critical condition. The added insult was more than many Chinese could bear, and social media was soon flooded with demands that the government formally apologize.
Even more anger developed when Dali City made an “emergency requisition” for surgical masks and took a shipment that was en route to Chongqing. Dali City, located in the southwest province of Yunnan has eight confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Chongqing, which is located adjacent to the epicenter of the outbreak has more than 400 confirmed cases.
Chongqing government furiously demanded the masks be returned, but were told it was too late—all 598 masks had already been distributed, likely to local Communist Party members.
The “official” Chinese government numbers, as of this report, are 30,811 confirmed cases and 635 deaths.

(Photo Credit: Li Wenliang/Weibo)