Everyone has heard about the mark of the beast, even if they don’t know the specifics. If a person refuses to take this mark, they will be unable to buy or sell.

We are being conditioned under the covid directives to only access venues like gyms, restaurants, and extra if we have received the vaxeen. The groundwork for a digital vaccine card has been laid in the United States. Twenty-one states, including the District of Columbia and Porotoreako, have implemented their digital vaccination cards.

You cannot buy or sell in left-leaning states without this card, which proves vaccination. During the Tribulation, everyone will have to choose whether to take the beast’s mark or live without the ability to engage in conversation. 

No, I’m not suggesting that digital vax cards are the beast’s mark. The beast’s mark is a deliberate act of Satan worship and allegiance. However, we are being taught to obey our government masters without question.   Will you choose to get the vaccine or not? So you can purchase and sell in some states? Just keep in mind that the foundation is being laid for the man of the future.


As we walk in this Spiritual minefield, let us pray up, armor up, and war strong. 

God bless,  

Teresa Blaes