Many issues flood us, like a fire hose of information in which we are pounded on all sides, worn down from the evil that we see on a daily basis, such as, the grooming of our children, the disregard of our moral values, the testing of how much freedom we are willing to surrender to emergencies surrounding COVID, and other similar issues. 

We also see violence and school shootings, which lead to more red flag anti-gun laws.

Then we tie in the new enemies of Christian nationalists and vilify the January 6 prisoners of war as well as the so-called election deniers, known as Trump supporters. 

 All of these “issues” lead to an end goal, a small thread that binds them together. 

The globalists in power must make us freedom lovers out to be the bad guys. We have to be the villains. We have to be the enemies because we will not condone everything they want. We will not conform to the progressive reset of all things holy or moral. 

Of course, we should fight the issues, but we cannot ignore that all these efforts are a part of a coordinated plan of operation to bring down America from within.

In addition to this destruction, are the invasions pouring across our open southern border, with little to no resistance, which boils up a toxic soup that is aimed at destroying this country from the outside. 

We must keep ourselves alert. This mindset is vital, because if we become so narrowly focused that we only see one subject, we will unable to act upon the bigger picture. 

This scenario could be described as if we are playing checkers while the other side is playing chess. 

We tend to move from one election cycle to the next, focusing on the short-term problems, while the other side plans and acts in a long game standpoint. They don’t mind taking slow, methodical steps, even if it takes more than a few years to accomplish their goals. They don’t think in short-term timelines. They move forward doggedly no matter how long it takes to reach their end goal. 

We must understand these concepts and act accordingly.

I urge you to pray that God would give you discernment because now, more than ever before, we need it in these end times. 

I truly believe that we will continue to be pounded, but we must stand firm. 

As always, we must pray up, armor up, and war strong. 

God bless, 

Teresa Blaes