Over the last couple of days, the Democrats in the House have made utter fools of themselves, trotting out their witnesses, who were, in reality, no witnesses at all. In every case, they testified only in third party, meaning they heard second and third-hand accounts. This type of testifying is not admissible in a court of law because it is hearsay. Why should it be counted as credible before our congress?

This question would assume that the Democrats believe in law and order. In reality, they only believe in this principle as long as it helps them achieve their ends.

For a while, I monitored this sham impeachment trial in the House where Congressional procedure is no longer honored in this chamber. They crossed the line to anarchy, where no rule of law exists.

This situation harkens back to the Overton Window, the theory that ideas of culture change over the years which influence lawmakers to craft public policy that fits societal common thought to keep their constituents. The House Democrats have lost touch with the majority of the American people, thus they stepped outside of the Overton Window political paradigm.

The globalist elites have incrementally moved this country from a “Christian nation,” to a “post-Christian or secular nation.” This window of degradation has been on the move for approximately 100 years, but now the will of the people is being dishonored by the iron fist of the elite deep state.

As I stated in previous articles, everything political has a spiritual root. If a procedure, policy, or law is not God-honoring, it comes, by default, from the dark side.

As His kids, we must stay alert, armor up, and war strong.

God bless, Teresa Blaes