Starting tomorrow the confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett are set to begin.

This is sure to be a contentious event, as the democrats are swearing that they will do everything they can to put a stop to her confirmation. They believe that we should wait until after the election for the next president to appoint a judge to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile on the political trail, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has said that the voters do not deserve to know weather or not he will pack the highest court in the land to make sure that the court is biased, leaning to the left.

We should take Biden’s non-answer seriously.  If he thinks so little of the very people who could vote him into office, then for that reason alone, he doesn’t deserve to be President. Frankly the just the thought scares me.

Yet why is the appointment of a justice to the Supreme Court such a dividing issue?

The reason is pretty obvious. The president has the right to submit a name for the court, and the Senate is obligated to offer advice and consent, or to choose not to at this time.

The problem comes when these constitutional obligations become buried in politics.

Just take a look at the last time a justice was appointed to the Supreme Court. The fight became so vicious, and hurtful, the most horrible accusations were leveled without any proof at all. Frankly, we would be fooling ourselves if we did not expect to see a repeat of these same under-handed political tactics if not worse.

Now is a time when we must pray, and we must seek the face of the King of Kings.

For God alone ultimately puts Kings into power, and he alone will remove them.

We must also act. We must vote, and we must be ready for whatever else may come.

Now more than ever we must pray up, armor up, and war strong.

God bless,

Teresa Blaes