As we move ever closer to the U.S elections, we find ourselves facing a critical choice.

Will we elect a president who is pro-life, appoints judges who believe in interpreting the constitution as it was written, and is working for the good of the country?

Or will we elect a man who has actively worked against our country while he was Vice President as shown by the recently released hunter Biden e-mails? Furthermore, he profited by his son’s dealings with foreign countries while lying to others about it in the public. Can we ever trust a man who is that corrupt?

He can’t even manage his own household, how can we elect him to manage our country?

This is a choice we must make, and, and in the process, we decide the fate of this country. Will we stand as a people for self-government, or will we open the door to losing our national sovereignty, and turn our rights over to evil dictators who could care less about us and rule with tyranny.

So, what is the deal with the Hunter Biden Emails?   Let’s just say they point the finger at Joe Biden, as well as expose Hunter’s own troubled lifestyle. There is some evidence that Hunter may be linked to child pornography. Now let me be clear, this has not been yet been proven,  Though it is telling that an FBI agent who specializes in Child porn cases is the one who picked up the evidence including the computer that these e-mails as well as photos and videos were on.

Meanwhile both Joe and Hunter appear to line their pockets with ill-gotten gains. This was confirmed in the e-mails that were found on Hunter’s computer.

Just in case you had any doubts as to the ownership of the computer in question, a receipt was produced with Hunter’s signature showing that he was the owner.

So What has the media’s response to this quickly-evolving bomb shell story?

Most of the mainstream media has said that we should move on, talk about other issues, and calling it a Russia disinformation campaign.

Big-tech including Facebook and Twitter has done their best to prevent this story from spreading on their platforms, have drawn the attention of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Well the more we are told not to talk about this story, and the Bidens and all the related stories, the more we will double down and do our best to expose them, ensuring that the story spreads even further. The people of America deserve to know what their choices are, and that means knowing the truth of the candidates involved.

This is the decision we must face. What kind of person will lead this country when all is said and done?

Someone with integrity, or someone who will lie to the American people to protect his families’ wrong doings?

The clock is running out, and we are in the fourth quarter. The choice for the leadership of our country, is up to you.

As always, pray up, armor up, and war strong.

God bless,
Teresa Blaes.