President Trump is on the mend.

While there are plenty of things to pray for and be concerned about, we have seen some good news surrounding President Trump.

Over the weekend Trump announced over twitter that he tested positive for Covid19. Later we found out that he was being transferred to Walter Reed hospital for precautionary reasons.

While the president was fighting the virus, his public enemies were taking to the fake stream media, and to twitter calling for his death, hoping he dies to the virus.

Meanwhile on Saturday the Whitehouse chief of staff said that President Trump was “without fever for 24 hours. He had been placed on the experimental drug Remdesivir, and is doing well, not needing supplemental oxygen.

Today President trump released another video showing him in a vehicle outside Walter Read, thanking his supporters, and a member of the hospital staff said he may return to the Whitehouse as soon as Monday, to continue treatment there.

Trump is a fighter we know this, he gambled on an experimental drug, and it paid off. It doesn’t matter how much the radical left, or the elites want him dead, they did not get their wish.

I also believe that prayer had a huge factor on the health of the president and his family.

With so much at stake and with us so close to the elections, we must now more than ever pray up, armor up, and war strong.

God Bless,
Teresa Blaes