French Council

Here we go again in this article from Breitbart the case of Vincent Lambert, took a nasty turn, as the French council of state ruled in favor of the Reims hospital to remove food and water. From the disabled man so that he might die.
This case is a replay of the Terry Shivo case, where food and water were withheld from her, and she slowly starved to death.

In Lambert’s case, They did starve him for a time, removing food and water from him for a period of three weeks.
Lambert’s parents are going to take the case to the United Nations court on human rights, However, I believe this is exactly what we need to be on the alert for.

Sure, you can say that we have a right to die, but what happens when that right to die, becomes a command to die? What happens when the hobnail boots of government decide that your quality of life does not fit what someone else thinks is acceptable?

Every single time I am made aware of one of these stories, Every single time someone else decides to play God and take a life they had no right to take, We here at Unresolved News will expose it.

Please share this article, the more we can light up the dark filth that is influencing these sort of practices, the more lives we can save.

I will be praying for the Lambert case. I do not want to hear about another man horrifically starved to death in the most grotesque manner possible.

God bless,
Teresa Blaes