The ultimate goal of the deep state, to remove President Trump and install their handpicked candidate.
We all know that the left, and or the deep state actors in our
the government have been actively working to remove and reverse the 2016 election, in order to impose their will on America, and move us to a one world government.

How are they planning to do this?

Both Mike Adams over at Natural News and Dave Hodges over at the Common Sense Show have outlined the plan with 6 steps that it could actually, happen.
I am not going to outline the plan in detail, but I will give a
summery and my takeaways from the plan, you can read further at the links already sited.
First they want to pin President Trump and his cabinet with a crime, whether it is real, or fake, it doesn’t matter to them. If they can make it look like he is guilty, that is all that matters to the dumbed-down public.
To this end, they will have the fake stream media all ready to film, and record Trump being led out in handcuffs. This then they could play over and over again, forever making him toxic to anyone who might consider what he has done for this country to be a good thing.
We know they have done something similar to this by having the media tipped off to the arrest of Roger stone, so if it worked before, why not do it again?
Next, they want to pin something on Vice President Pence so that nancy Pelosi becomes President. She would then appoint someone that the deep state wants very much as president, as her own Vice President, and then resign from office.
There are some that believe that the person in line to have the oval office handed over on a silver platter is none other than Hillary Clinton.
Will this half-baked plan of their’s work? I do not know however they are committed to it, and we must be aware, and even more so, we must pray that God’s will is done.
We are truly in the end of the end times, and what is our role in this? We are called to armor up, war strong, and speak the truths of Christ.
This is only the beginning, and I don’t know about you, but I am more than willing to fight first in the spiritual, than if needed in the physical. If we believe in this republic, and we want to keep it alive, that fight first starts on our knees.
Knuckle up, war strong,
Teresa Blaes.