On this Wednesday Doug Hagmann did a podcast entitled the politics of personal destruction. In this show, he explained how it is not just the big fish who are in danger of being targeted, or of being persecuted.
It caused me to think back on the founding’s of Unresolved Ministries and more specifically the Unresolved Life Podcast. I had someone who was doing our show notes, and everything was going ok. That was until she sent me an e-mail saying that this would be the last set of show notes she would do, because… and then she went on a list of things that she believed in being, loving, accepting, tolerant, and need we forget the need for social justice. by implication, we were none of these things.
Did her loss hurt, of course, we are still to this day looking for someone to do our show notes consistently?
That said we understand that this is a fight, and whether you are on the political side, dealing with the lawfare or just being attacked for your beliefs in God, family, and constitution, we are at war and we had better recognize this.
Please listen to the podcast, and please share.


Ep 297 The Politics of Personal Destruction