So on Friday special counsel Robert Muller released his findings in the Russian probe into the Trump administration, and especially President Trump himself.
What were his findings? He found no evidence that Trump was guilty of collusion to influence the election of 2016 with Russia.
Muller did, however, pass the buck to Rod Rosenstein and attorney general Bob Bar not willing to say whether or not President Trump obstructed justice.
This charge as well however was also found to amount to nothing.
So then, what have we learned?
For the past two years, the lamestream fake news media has been hammering us over the head saying that President Trump colluded with the Russians and they are now pivoting to say he obstructed Justice.
Robert Muller wasted millions of dollars in an investigation that amounted to having nothing to show for his work.
And why?
In future articles, I will be explaining this as it is best understood.
For now, smile at the fact that Everything that we have posted in the past, and others in the alternative media have said chasing this story, has proven to be true.
Now, we get to watch the fur fly, as the globalists must scramble to find another reason to get rid of President Trump.