Democrat impeachment report reaches a new low as their manifesto playbook limps along on life support. 

This past Tuesday, Democrats released their report on the impeachment that they are so desperate to force on our president and the American people. 

Within the pages of this report, we learn that the lead hoaxer and conspiracy theorist, Adam Schiff, secretly subpoenaed AT&T, then published many call records of our President’s personal legal counsel, Rudy Giuliani, and Jay Sekulow. Also included in the call records was Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes and Journalist John Solomon.  

Regarding Schiff’s actions, Nunes called it a “gross abuse of powers.”

These call records were obtained in April of this year after the closure of the Robert Mueller investigation into the Russian collusion.

Did Schiff have a warrant while doing so? Absolutely not, which is why this matter is so concerning. If the attorneys of a dually elected president, as well as a member of the free press and Intelligence Committee, can have their own private conversations blasted in public for all to see, then who’s to say that you or I will not be next if we dare trip the deep state line?

Why do they want to utterly destroy any fabric of the Constitution?

Because they want power and do not care about you. They want this republic destroyed to bring in a one-world government, but President Trump is standing in the way of their clandestine endeavor. 

What should our response be?

First, as believers in Yeshua, Jesus, we must pray. Yes, the political situation looks bad, but our God is still on the thrown and he is coming quickly. 

Second, Scripture is clear that in the last days, many who remain too long in their sin will be given over to a depraved mind. (Romans 1:18-32) We are seeing this scenario play out every day on the world stage, especially in situations like this one. 

Third, we cannot afford to play nice with these people. We must take the kid gloves off and be ready to fight back at all costs to defend the America we love. 

Republican Representative Jim Banks said that we should subpoena Adam Schiff’s phone records in return and investigate who he worked with behind the scenes.

As a willing puppet, Schiff should be ready to pay the consequences for his actions. 

If political opponents can be spied upon and be subjected to unconstitutional tyranny, then anyone who crosses those in power also can be subjected. We must put a stop to this here and now! 

I am not calling for violence, but I am calling for those in power, who break our laws, who toss the constitution under the bus to be held accountable. 

Armor up and war strong. Remember, that everything political has a Spiritual root. 

God bless, Teresa Blaes