We are only a few days out from what could be the most pivotal choice our country has faced in quite some time.

And while I could call out the many faults of one candidate over the other, that is not what is on my heart tonight.

First, if you have not already, I would urge you to vote If you call yourself a follower of Christ, then you have a duty to vote.

When the Israelites were taken into Babylon, they asked Jeramiah what they should do.

He encouraged them to seek the peace of the land, to plant vineyards, to raise families.

In the New Testament we see the same idea, to remember that as Christians we are citizens of two lands, the country here on Earth, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The believers back then were encouraged to pray for the peace of the land, at the time was Rome

our Lord said to give to Caesar what was Caesar’s, and to God what was Gods.

Here in America Every 4 years we are called to step in to a voting booth, and to elect the next leader of our nation. In doing so, we will, have a part in directing the way our country will go. Will we elect a leader who will cause rejoicing, or morning as the Scripture describes?

That is up to you.

If you have not voted, be sure to do so. I would also suggest that you reach out to your friends, and make sure they vote too.

If you have already voted, then take the next few days to hit your knees, and intercede for the nation.

We have much to pray for. Soon all the campaigns will be done, the votes will be counted, and we will have our President.

However until then, do not grow weary in doing good, and stay constant in prayer.

And as always, pray up, armor up, and war strong.

God bless,
Teresa Blaes.