If you take some time to listen to the social justice warriors on the left, you will hear a word surface amidst all the noise and clamber.

This word describes their identity, as they define themselves by it. They use this word to compare themselves against each other.

This word is “woke,” and what does it mean?

According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, “woke” came from African American culture slang meaning social awareness of injustice or racial tension. This term, “woke,” became linked with Black Lives Matter and evolved into a word of activism. Currently, the word refers to social media activists.

In basic terms, it means they are aware of social injustice and racial discrimination. This term, “being woke” plays into the identity politics that the social justice left craves and elevates as a god.

If you are not as woke as the person next to you, then you are the odd man out. For this reason, you will find them trying to eat each other alive, politically.

However, this woke movement and identity politics belief system that defines them is nothing short of a counterfeit.

Those of us who came out of the left/right narrative often say that we are awake. By this statement, we communicate that we have discontinued buying the message of the lamestream media and the left’s agenda.

Many people are waking up and seeking alternative news sources more than ever, so the social justice left had to claim a term that they could take as their own.

Being woke also serves to muddy the waters and bring confusion because it is a similar word to awake, yet they have opposing ideologies behind these terms which is deceptive.

Where does this idea of creating deception originate?

For that answer, take a look at Genesis, chapter three, at the serpent’s offer to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden?

The enemy created nothing on his own, so he had to counterfeit what the Lord already made.

This deception is the same in the current situation. If you are starting to wake up and see that not all is as it seems, be aware. Counterfeit movements will try to lead you off the path of Truth.

Keep seeking the truth and never quit!

Jesus said it best, “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

Armor up, stand strong, and stay in the fight!

Teresa Blaes