In Portland Oregon, there has been a program conducted to have underaged kids exposed to drag queens reading to them in an effort to normalize aberrant behavior. This in itself would be bad enough and has been something I have been keeping an eye on as things have been exposed, however recent articles have come out that bring to light how much more vial this abuse truly is.
In an article written by Alicia Powe it is brought out that kids as young as 5 years old are encouraged to lay down on top of these drag queens with both of them on a rug on the flor Photos were taken and listed on the public library’s flicker account, but once exposed by life site news, the photos were removed.
This is in a word sickening. I was alerted to this filth by a good friend, and after reading up on this myself, have come to believe that this is an effort to groom these kids for Pedophilia
We knew this was coming, after all, once you give the go-ahead to homosexuality, then allow for same-sex marriage what else is down that slippery slope? How about sex with kids, and with animals? Believe me, this is coming, and these public efforts are only to get people used to it.
Watch and pray Christian, because these are only the beginning of birth pangs it will get worse from here on out.
War strong, Keep the faith, stay alert, armor up.
God bless,
Teresa Blaes

Link to Alicia Powe article