Ontario had churches capped at 15%, however, new order on Friday, April 16th  is capping churches at ten people.

One church in Waterloo Ontario has defied the 15% cap since December.  Trinity Bible Chapel led by Pastor Jacob Reaume. Pastor Jacob as well as each of the elders at the church has personally been served with fines totaling $83,000.

The court is set to hear the case in July. However, yesterday the church was suddenly taken to court when the Attorney General asked the court to give them permission to lock the doors of the church. The church also holds a Classical Elementary Christian School.  Although the government has forced all schools to go one line, teachers still need access to the school building for supplies and books.

The Attorney General requested the doors to be locked based on a contempt of court. However, the Lawyers for the church argued that since the government was constantly changing the rules, from 15% capacity to ten people, for example, it was unreasonable to consider the churches refusing to comply as a contempt of court.

Justice Paul Sweeny dismissed the Attorney General’s request, and at least for this Sunday, the church doors will not be locked. However, the court will hear the case again on May 11th.

As soon as the case was closed the Attorney General obtained an order that Trinity follows all restrictions in the future or be cited with contempt of court.  Because they now have that order they can appear at the church on Sunday and enforce the order.

While stories of Men of God standing strong against our Canadian laws are making international news. Let me be truly clear about what is happening here on the ground. 99% of our evangelical churches are closing the doors whenever the government asks. The Pastors who are standing have been abandoned by the rest of the church leadership.  In January, Pastor Jacob had not received a single phone call from a local pastor to encourage him, even though there are more than ten large evangelical churches in the tri-city where his church meets.

Heritage Bible College, where most of the evangelical pastors in Canada go to school, and where Pastor Jacob graduated from, has refused to stand with him.  The longest-serving professor at the school, Dr, Fowler, has spoken in the media against Pastor Jacob and other churches that are open. The Canadian media has been incredibly happy to have Dr. Fowler and Heritage Bible College on their side of the argument.

While a few pastors have been standing firm, the Canadian churches are in trouble.  Every church I talked to except one has said the 15% capacity has not been a problem because less than 15% come, so they have not had to turn anyone away. Only one church has stated they had to turn people away.

Please continue to pray for Canada.

Ontario Canada has issued more lockdown regulations making the province the strictest lockdown in all North America. This lockdown includes giving police the authority to stop people and ask them where they are going. Tickets will be given to anyone who is out of their home for nonessential reasons. Parks are closed. Nonessential items in grocery stores are locked away and not allowed to be purchased. You can watch my video of my shopping trip here.