I believe the answer is relatively straightforward; if we look back on what has happened after Biden’s first year in office, all we see is a failure and a trail of destruction.   

Inflation is now a real problem that hits everyone in food prices and at the gas pump.  Our foreign policy is a joke, and no one takes us seriously anymore.  Almost every mandate to force American citizens to get the covid jab has been tossed out unconstitutional.   

Because of these and many other disasters for this administration, the American people do not trust or have faith in this president going forward.  So Biden needs a false flag to turn our attention away from his failings on to something he can spin the narrative on, Russa.   

It is not the first time he had done this; when it was clear that people would be resistant to his covid policies, he shifted attention to Afghanistan in the most disgusting withdrawal of our troops that America has ever completed.   

If anyone thinks this is Biden’s idea alone, consider again the globalists need war because they can play both sides, and war makes money. There is also their love for the loss of life, and this feeds their desire to reduce the human population.   

It’s all in their playbook; we have seen it over and over.  Should we get involved in the Ukraine Rusa conflict? No, it’s not something we should be meddling with, but this is moving forward, and this should even more bring us to our knees in prayer.   

Yeshua Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of war, so we better keep our ear to the ground and offer his Gospel the good news while we still can.   

As always, let us pray up, armor up, and war intense.