Yesterday I was privileged to stand in the cold, on an overpass bridge, cheering on the men and women heading to Ottawa to fight for my freedom.

Here in Canada, where I live, things seem to be going from bad to worse. Nurses and doctors without the mRNA have been fired; students kicked out of universities, and a passport system that bans anyone without the mRNA from entering restaurants, movie theaters, sports complexes, and in some cases, even law offices.

Our churches are forced only to allow 50% of the congregations, and those that do come must register, wear a mask, and stay 6 feet apart from others.

Those who refuse the mRNA are fined with a special tax in Quebec. Even more bizarre, when shopping in a Quebec Walmart, those without the mRNA must stand in a stall to wait for a staff member. The staff member will then follow them around while they shop, ensuring they stay away from other shoppers. They are also not allowed to shop for anything the government does not deem essential, so the staff member guarding them while they shop will ensure they do not stay in the nonessential isles.


The most recent government overstep the law that requires truck drivers to take the mRNA to leave the country and return without the 14-day isolation. This was the last straw, and the trucking community has decided to drive their trucks to our capital, Ottawa, and stay there until all the mandates are ended.

What started as a few hundred trucks has escalated into the largest truck convoy in history. The media initially aired the story with the headline “Trucker’s rally in Vancouver demanding B.C makes interior highways safer” The idea that truckers were protesting bad road conditions was so off base the media was ridiculed into finally covering the story.

Prime Minister Trudeau called the caravan a tiny fringe minority with unacceptable views.

This quickly became the Canadian version of the “deplorable.”

Late tonight, the truckers will roll into Ottawa. The convoy is over 70 km long, about 44 miles long. Close to a million people are expected to arrive in the capital.

Social media continues to take down accounts run by the convoy; 80% of the highway cameras were taken offline for maintenance, and Prime Minister Trudeau is in self-isolation because he encountered covid.


Since the media can no longer ignore the situation, they cover it as a white supremacy movement. The fear is this event will turn into the Canadian version of January 6th. Already the truck drivers are being called insurrectionists, terrorists, white supremacists, and dangerous. Please pray for their protection. Pray they will remain calm and not allow themselves to be baited into a trap.