pentagon comes clean about UFOs 

On Monday, April 27, 2020: while everyone’s attention was focused on the Whohon Virus, and the spin-off issues that flow out of it, the Pentagon had a look squirrel moment and announced that UFOs are in fact real, and not their own creations. 

In a press release, the Pentagon released a video commonly known as the ticktack video,  of two navy piolets from two years ago confronting an unidentified flying object and admitted that this object was in fact a UFO. 

Now am I saying that they have admitted that little green men have come to pay earth a visit, no? 

Though you have to wonder why now? 

To truly understand what is going on, we have to pull the curtain back and examine what is happening behind the scenes. 

Are UFOs real? yes and no. You see UfOs are in fact a deception, of either the government, or the enemy either they are our own government, creating and testing new aircraft, or they are demonic forces who have come to get people to worship them, and look to them for the answers. 

For those who have actively followed the UfO phenomenon, this is a big deal, because for years they have begged our government to come clean, about the UFO events. In these circles, this is known as disclosure. 

Now that they have, you have to ask yourself, why now? Could this be a hint of something more? are we on the edge of one last great deception where so-called aliens will come down to earth to save us from ourselves? 

We are living in truly at the end of the end times

I believe that now more than ever is the time that we must make sure that we take to the first caution found in Mathew 24 when the disciples asked the Lord what the sign of the end times would be. 

“make sure you are not deceived.”

Because Paul makes it very clear in his writings that in the last days, many things will look like they are of God, but in truth, they are from the very pits of Hell. 

Now more than ever, we must armor up, pray up, and war strong!

God bless, 

Teresa Blaes