The Oregon legislature has just passed a bill to allow medical workers to remove food and drink from those who have Alzheimers or Dementia This bill is moving on to the governor who is unfortunately pro-choice.
According to the article found at Life, many said that when Oregon became the first state to pass an assisted suicide law that this would only be the beginning of a slippery slope and they were right.
I remember listening to the brother of Terry Shivo in an interview done by Janet Parshall. He described how the state prevented them from giving his sister even a drop of water at the risk of being arrested. They had cops in the room to make sure this didn’t happen.
In conclusion, We must begin to quickly put the brakes on these sick dehumanizing sort of bills.
Because if one of them gets passed, it will spread like an infection to the other states in this country.
We are not God, we should not act like it, by deciding who lives and dies just because they don’t have the “quality of life that we think they should.