As I sit back and observe the political landscape and all the optics and spin-off matters that we must keep track of, or the other side wins, however you want to quantify them, I prefer to couch this in terms of there are those who want a globalist one world satanic lead government, and those who do not.
I have to ask myself what are we really looking at? Is this just a matter of this side wins, and this side goes home crying in their milk? In short, what are we truly fighting for?
I’ve heard many people try and explain this, my friend Shofar Chick has often reminded me that evil is more evil than we think.
Dan Bongino has said that we must own the libs, by that he means that we are in a fight and we have to knuckle up and realize it, and come ready to take part. We cannot expect the other side to fight fare and we must intern take the gloves off.
Yet, what does that truly mean? What is this really about?
Let’s look at this from another angle. Every time I have gotten into conversation with people on this topic, I have reminded them that everything political has a spiritual root. By this, I mean that when a law is passed or opposed, when regulation is imposed or lifted, it goes back to the world view or the belief system of the one giving it. I would even go so far as to say that every belief system in or out of politics has a spiritual root, but for now, let’s stay in the political realms.
Let’s take a look at the most recent abortion or infanticide bills that have been passed or opposed in New York and other states. Why would someone even think this bill is ok, or lawful?
Why would the Governor of Virginia talk about delivering a child alive, keeping it comfortable and then talk between the mother and doctor about killing it?
Why indeed. It starts with the fact that to the satanic globalists consider the abortion to be the biggest form of mass human sacrifice.
If you factor in as well that there are factions within our government both on the left and the right that want a one world government ruled by Satan himself, or who want to gain power for themselves, the picture of the world we now live in is becoming all the more clear.
This is why I do what I do, why Unresolved News was founded, and why I am working all the more to rescue one soul at a time and warn anyone who will hear me that we are living on the very edge of the end times, and we must make ourselves ready.
We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines, watching others fight.
The bible is clear, choose this day whom you will serve.
Armor up, pray up, war strong. Our King deserves nothing less.
God bless, Teresa Blaes.