I sat down to watch the Apple keynote event last night and was kind of bored with it. Oh sure there were a few interesting plays, Nothing stood out as the clear winner to me.
My ears perked up however near the end when Oprah came on stage to give her talk.
Now up to this point, Tim cook had just announced his Apple TV. Plus subscription to come out later this fall, and we saw a lineup of some of the content they would have on Apple’s new premium subscription.
Oprah announced that she was working with Apple on some new documentaries one about sexual harassment in the workplace, the other a series dealing with mental health.
All of this sounds well and good on the outside, however digging a little deeper past the fluff and bubble gum talk I heard some keywords that kind of alarmed me both on a capability level, and on a warning of what is coming level.
Oprah referred to doing things to rise above the problems we as humanity have, and in our technology for “the common good.”
She also referred to wanting to “eliminate our consciousness,  as well as wanting to interview people for her book club that would be lived streamed on any and all Apple devices and finally she referred to the idea of truth and tolerance colliding.
At first glance, none of these things sound bad however let’s look at this from a little further out. First Oprah is a big fan of new age thought, and she believes that every human has a “Christ Consciousness within us.” It’s just the old You can be like God lie repackaged and sold on TV over and over.
Next, she will have the ability to stream her message on any and all Apple devices, as well as in apple stores does anyone remember when You tube was placed on our devices whether we wanted them or not?
It was one of the biggest marketing plays, and yet it was also one of the biggest invasions of privacy.
So much so that Apple had to correct it by offering a way to delete the artist off the phones for those that didn’t want to be forced to listen to them.
I believe that the big tech companies are testing the water, to see what they can get away with.
No, not everyone will listen to someone like Oprah, but enough will that it will affirm those who want to believe in the You can be like God lie and more of the same will be delivered.
I believe this is a warning, and that the day is coming when we will not be given a choice in who we listen to.
The technocracy will increase to such a point where you will either believe and become one of the deceived, or you will resist to your own peril.
It has already begone with all-out censorship of those who hold a Biblical or conservative world view.
In any case, this is a warning, we are going to face interesting times ahead.
Take courage, pray up, War strong!
God Bless,
Teresa Blaes