While everyone is up in arms over the pull-out of our troops from Afghanistan, we must ask ourselves what is our government covering up with this “look over here” head fake? 

While the world’s attention was diverted, things are quietly being done to strip Americans and declare a portion of the population terrorists. A nationwide alert was released saying that if you opposed the election or are against the vaccine, you are a danger to the United States of America. If you celebrate a religious holiday, aka a Christian, you also get lumped in as a threat. 

A new bill is being proposed saying that if you haven’t taken the vaccine, you will be put on a no-fly list. Honestly, we should have seen this coming, as they have been restricting our freedoms when it comes to how we are treated on planes ever since the Patriot Act. While this bill is not yet law, we as God-fearing Americans must be on the alert. 

We also must not fall for what they want us to keep our eyes on and must always ask what they do not want us to see. 

Regarding Afghanistan, I fall in the camp of many Americans, utterly disgusted with how the pullout of our troops was done, and we must pray for those now in the crosshairs of the Taliban. 

However, we can not afford to lose focus and fall for the false flag distractions that the media so willingly offers us every night. 

As always, we must pray up, armor up, and war strong.