I was watching Deep Space 9 (DS9) with my husband Michael, and one episode stood out to me. I was reminded of the occult overtones throughout the entire series of Star Trek.

In the previous article, entitled “The Darker Side of Star Trek,” I outlined some of the themes,  such as MK ultra, the mocking of God, transhumanism, open torcher, and homosexuality all contained within the Star Trek Discovery series. 

As I watched DS9, I was struck again by the occult demand that they must tell you what they are going to do before they do it. This statement refers to one of the rules found in many cultic circles. In the context of DS9, they give hints and signals show a series of their ultimate agenda and plan.

In DS9 and previous episodes, they promote demonic possession disguised as aliens inhabiting human hosts. They provide a positive outlook to Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) with ties back to MK Ultra and other related government projects where multiple sets of lives, memories, and personalities inhabit one host. 

They promote worshipping aliens as gods and thus foreshadowing the coming great deception that will permeate the entire earth in the end times. 

As I watched the earlier Star Trek series, the more disturbed I became at the overt subtleties and themes revealed. 

The producer, JJ Abrams was involved in occult practices, so is it any wonder that he would bring his worldview into his art? 

I outlined a few of the themes that permeate this series. If you decide to watch Star Trek, do so carefully. 

Stay alert, armor up, and war strong. 

God Bless, 

Teresa Blaes