I have grown up a Star Trek fan for most of my life. I can remember many times when my mom and I would sit in the living room, watching Captain Picard and the rest of the Enterprise crew adventuring across the galaxy.
I have watched almost every series that came out up til now, so I find this article rather fun to put together.
That said the truth must be exposed. It is said that the globalists must tell you what they plan to do before they do it, or even in some cases while they are doing it. It is a part of their moral code.
The Star trek Discovery series is a perfect example of the type of propaganda and active programming of the masses that the elites engage in, knowing all the while that most people will not even pick up on what they are doing.
I started to watch Star Trek Discovery on the CBS On Demand platform.
As I was watching with my husband, I noticed a rather darker theme and trends and values that are clearly anti biblical anti God.
Honestly, I found this series so dark, so ugly I wasn’t even sure I would finish the first season.
Here are just a handful of the themes that are in this series

Mocking of God
There are at least two instances where the biblical God of Judaio Christianity is openly mocked in favor of new age beliefs, or no belief at all.
Open Homosexuality
Two characters with in the crew are openly practicing even going so far as to kiss on screen and declaring their love for one another.
Open displays of graphic and brutal torture
All through the first season, there were instances of violent torture, especially in cases where characters were held prisoner on a Klingon prison vessel and twar the latter half of the season when the Discovery was trapped in an alternate universe where a vicious dictatorship ruled with an iron fist.
This reminded me of the “24” series where the entire season took place over a 24 hour period rampant with graphic displays of torture.
Trans Humanism
One of the characters is integrated in to the spore drive which powers the ship as the season progresses he often speaks about seeing more than any human has, being more than human.
This is a soft promotion of upgrading ourselves to being more than human, apart from God.
It should be noted that this same character is one of the homosexual partners spoken of earlier in this article.
Promotion of MK Ultra and other related government projects
One of the characters in this series is taken captive by the Klingons whom the federation is at war with, and tortured however what was done to him, was much more than the run of the mill prisoner of war torcher you might expect.
The Klingons wanted to create a super soldier to place back in to the federation that they had programed to do their own bidding They did this by using trauma and tour her to break down the subject and imbed a Klingon personality on top of his own.
By the time they were done the character had multiple personalities.
The crew of the Discovery figured this out only after the doctor on the ship stated that they had made the victim in to something else, and the doctor was then found dead at the hand of the programed soldier.
This is openly referring to MK Ultra, Project Monarch, Project Paperclip and several other programs that our own government has engaged in throughout the years.
I would strongly advise you to do your own research in to this matter for yourself.
There are many other themes with in the series openly flaunted with in discovery, and hinted at in other series.
In conclusion, it used to be years ago, that the shows on television would make passive references hinting to their world view in this case. The world view of the elites is not only hinted at, but promoted.
We are at war, but many who hold to a God fearing biblical world view do not fully understand the nature of that war.
I hope by exposing this series and the evil behind it that I have done a little to change this fact.
War strong, stay alert, and keep your armor on.
God bless,
Teresa Blaes