A recap on the elections, and the events after.

I sit here on the Thursday after the midterm elections, and a few things come to mind, as I consider what they mint, and how we as a country are to move forward.

First, if you have not heard, the Republicans kept the Senate, whileDemocratscrats took the house. This will result in a split government, meaning likely not many bills will pass. That said I don’t see losing the house as big a blow as some may make it out to be.

First, the Senate can appoint judges, and other offices and there have ben plenty waiting in the wings.

Second, whatever the house tries to pass will be countered by the Senate.

I’m sure if you look around on line you will find more detail on what happened on Tuesday night. However, I want to shift our gaze to the play behind the curtain

There was a point where the mainstream media was declaring wins for the Democrats on the house side, and calling things long before all the results were in, and further, the ticker did not indicate this, so what we were seeing, and what they were saying, were two completely different things.

Between this, and cases of voter fraud that were already cropping up with the voting machines, it was very clear that the globalists were willing to pull out all the stops to get their people in place.

Even so, they did not completely succeed the blue wave that we were being programmed to expect, turned out to be a blue drip.

So what does this mean going forward? I think if we pull back and apply the idea that everything has a spiritual root, we have to ask ourselves this question, who won? Did the forces of darkness gain a stronghold with the elections?

I would say they made some advancements, but not as many as they were hoping Ground was held, and some ground was lost, and it is true that we will be in a place where it will not be as easy to advance things along, but this should drive us to prayer all the more.

Do not be discouraged, do not lose heart, we are called to fight, and we have been warned that in the world we will have trouble, but we are to rejoice, because our Lord, has overcome the world.