So this is the first post on a new endeavor why you may ask am I writing this and what are the goals.

I feel a mantle if I’m honest, to be a watchman on the wall, sounding the alarm for God’s remnant to wake up, and stand, ready to fight because much evil is coming. In fact, in some cases it is already here, working behind the scenes.

I will be covering many topics whether they be faith oriented, political, having to do with the technocracy that we are now facing, the push by the global elites to nudge us into a one world government, and many other topics.

This site will seek the truth behind the headlines. I will not write from the false narrative of republican versus democrat and right versus left.  These are all a play on the American public to self-identify into their own little groups when behind the curtain, both sides, in general, are playing the same games. Are there some in the political beltway who are trying to do the right thing? Of course, there are, and I will offer praise when it is needed. However, my overall call is to sound the alarm if you wish to follow with me on this journey, I welcome you. If you do not agree with my stances, and seeking the truth I also welcome dissension as long as it is done respectfully.

I will each day be posting an article from a reliable third-party source, commenting on the subject as needed.

once a week I will write and post an article from my own thoughts.

I welcome any feedback and if you want me to look into an issue, please feel free to let me know.

This is a venture of faith, and I plan to take it one step at a time.