Over the past week, we have seen many cities descend into lawlessness, One prominent example is the Seattle Washington, where Antifa thugs took control of a section of the city. . While many of these protests started peacefully, they’ve very quickly grown into something even the organizers never intended. All of this is under the banner of “Black Lives Matter.” 

First, I believe that All Lives Matter, no matter how much melatonin someone has in their skin.. 

All of this started with a police officer grossly exceeding his authority. Frankly, just based on his write-ups, he should have been fired long ago. Now we are seeing city councils actually moving to disband the police departments altogether. I am not questioning that there are bad apples but to blame an entire profession? This is wrong!

I have said before that I know someone personally who is a police officer. She has told me stories of her time on the streets, when they do all to risk life and limb, for the safety of citizens. She actually got shot at the other night. 

I have said it before on social media and I will say it here, I will not step foot into any city that has disbanded their police department, for the sake of pandering to woke social justice warriors who need to grow up, and start contributing to society instead of destroying it. 

In the end, I’ve chosen my side. I will stand with the police, and with anyone who believes in the rule of law and order, 

Now, my friend, you must choose your side. I will not tell you what to do, this is a choice only you can make. 

I know these are strange, confusing times, but our God is not the author of confusion.

Therefore these things must be fueled by the lord of darkness himself. 

Fortunately, as my former Pastor used to say “I read the back of the book and we win!”  

Now more than ever, we must pray up, armor up, and war strong! because in the end, we know God will be victorious.

God bless, 

Teresa Blaes. 

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