Virginians have taken a Stand for their rights but what about the rest of America? 

Today it is estimated that as many as 50000 gathered at the capital of Virginia give voice to the mood of many more Americans that our second amendment rights can not be taken away from us. 

The governor realized that people were standing against the bills set to grab the guns of law-abiding citizens and restrict said citizens from even training in a way that would improve their ability to defend themselves against all enemy’s foreign and domestic, enacted a national emergency and set a no weapon zone around the capitol square.  

However, while the battleground is set, what about the rest of the country? For example, Florida has enacted “red flag laws” and thousands of guns have been forcefully removed from innocent citizens. 

Here in New Mexico, Our state legislature is considering similar legislation “SB5” otherwise known as the “Emergency Firearms Protection Act.” 

This bill would let the state with a court order remove all firearms and the person would be ordered to appear before a court within 15 days. If they cannot prove their case the court can extend the protection order for up to a year.  

Where in this law, or in any of the gun-grabbing laws around the US is this right? Where do you find this constitutional? 

I will make this very simple it’s not!

The second amendment Is clear that we have the right to bear arms. 

Even the Bible hints at this when Jesus was giving his final instructions to his disciples, he told them to take weapons. One would assume it was for their defense. So this is the issue we must draw the line. Will we let the government tell us that we have only the rights they grant us? Or will we stand on our God-given rights? The choice is ours. 

Remember everything political has a spiritual root. 

Pray up, armor up, and war strong 

God bless, Teresa Blaes.