In the US alone, there are on average 4 million people being trafficked; of those 4 million 1 million are children.

The current administration has not helped this atrocity.  They have made it worse by opening the border, and inviting anyone to waltz right in, regardless of their intent.

This does not compare to how bad this problem is worldwide.

Thankfully, there is a company trying to stem the tide of trafficking.

We, here at Unresolved Life Ministries, and Unresolved News have partnered with the Teshuah Tea Company; a coffee and tea company that helps rescue girls out of sex trafficking in a communist Asian country.

I believe in, not just exposing the problems we face as freedom patriots, but I believe we should offer solutions.

Grab yourself a bag of coffee today!

And as always, Pray up, Armor up, and War Strong!


God Bless,

Teresa Blaes