As I write, we are facing something truly evil. Facebook has completely de-platformed and/or removed over 800 pages that did not toe the party line. in some cases, these pages did not even support our President.
it began with Alix Jones being de-platformed by all the social networks, and most of the podcast directories within the span of 12 hours. and if you think that was not a coordinated strike against our free speech, think again.
So who is the latest victim of the technocracy?
Lora Lumer

She dared to post a tweet criticizing a Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for “anti-Islamic tweets.”

It should be noted that President trump has already weighed in on this issue. You can read more about this in an article written by

Jack Cashill
In conclusion, We are facing a war on multiple fronts if we do not fight now, if we are not on guard, if we go lax we will find ourselves silenced and without a voice online.
I believe in both prayer and action. as God-fearing and freedom-loving Americans, we must use both weapons in this war.
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