This past week, cancel culture came calling again for congresswoman Margery Tayler Green and a “let’s Go Brandan racing car.”  

In the case of the Congresswoman, she was permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook for sharing “misinformation” It did not matter that the information she shared came from the government site that records adverse reactions to vaccines; what she shared did not comply with the narrative. She now has an account on Gettr.  


In the case of the racing car, a car owned by Brandon Brown, who, while being interviewed, was the catalyst for the “let’s go Brandon chants” had his sponsorship rejected by NASCAR. It should be noted that they did not have a problem when other drivers wanted to have “Black Lives Matter” on their cars.  


We will see this more and more as battle lines are drawn. Now you must choose a side, what kind of country do you want?  

Now more than ever, we must pray up, armor up, and war up.  


God bless,  

Teresa Blaes