In the day we do stuff to our own bodies to see if it can be done, while this is just a form of DNA, this sort of story hints of the budding trend of Transhumanism in other words, lets inject things in to ourselves to change who we fundamentally are, to improve on the human condition.

Does this article below sound stupid, sure but I urge you to read it in light of many other factors We are not God, we should not play around with our DNA just to see if it can be done.

Please read this and share. (DAILY MAIL) — A high-school student has been called an ‘idiot’ after injecting himself with biological forms of parts of the Bible and Koran in a risky DIY experiment.

Adrien Locatelli, from France, translated passages from the holy books into DNA to make unknown proteins and inject them into his legs.

Mr. Locatelli, from Grenoble near the Swiss border, said he did the experiment simply because he ‘wondered whether it would be possible.’

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