The U.S government has attempted to make advances in profound state control through both the IRS and DHS.  

The IRS tried to put something in place that said if identification could not be verified, they would use third-party face identification through facial recognition software, taking a page out of China’s book which uses this kind of thing everywhere their citizens go and imposing a social scoring system.   

Thankfully, to the outcry of many U.S citizens and groups like the American Center for Law and Justice, ACLJ, the IRS backed down on this idea. 

Meanwhile, the Department of Home Land Security, the DHS released a memo saying that questioning elections or Covid in any way will be considered an act of domestic terrorism. This, as of this writing, has not been pulled back, and we must raise our voice in protest.  

The U.S government is supposed to work for its citizens, not against them, and it’s clear that both the IRS and the DHS consider themselves above the law and want to impose a system of control.  

We must stay alert and speak out while we still can because the day will come when that is impossible if we let these things go forward.  

Our Lord said it best, “work while there is still daylight because the time is coming when no man can work.”  

So let us pray up, armor up, and war strong while we still can.  

God bless,  

Teresa Blaes