Planned Parenthood profits in Blood Money

In the most recent Unresolved Life episode,  I talked about Roe V Wade from a faith standpoint and my thoughts on the matter.
However, I want to draw on one point I made on the podcast and expand on it.
In the podcast, I made the point that anyone who profits from the death of the unborn is bringing in blood money. I used the example of the videos produced by Sandra Merritt that exposed Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of babies.
I also touched on how the lawyers claimed that the videos in question were not edited according to the court.
Now here is something to think on. Who was in charge of authenticating whether the videos were edited or tampered with for the Planned Parenthood organization?
It was Perkins Coie the same group that was involved in the spy gate scandal. They were the ones who took the Clinton money and paid for that fake dossier created by Christopher Steele so that the Clintons could claim plausible deniability.
And it was this group of attornies who claimed that the videos that exposed the profiting off baby parts were not tampered with.
Regardless if this was edited or not, the fact is that Planned Parenthood has a lot of deaths to answer for, and any money they take in is blood money. Nothing will change this fact.
May God help us, and forgive us for the blood that has cried out from the ground over these past years since Abortion was the law of the land.