This week, I have been taken aback by the anti-mask people, and those who are pro mask.

In the state I am living, we have a liberal governor, and we are under lock down. This governor has also instituted mask mandates for the state.

Some businesses are open, while others are deemed non-essential.

Yet in all these enforcement tactics have we even considered the constitution?

How about common sense, have we considered the effectiveness of the masks we are forced to wear?

How about when our restaurants are open, and we walk in the door, but can take off the masks to eat, have we even considered the idea that the mask is no longer effective?

Will I wear a mask when going out? Yes, only when privet businesses who have the right to set policies in their own establishments demand I do so.

Otherwise, my answer is no! I am choosing civil disobedience because I understand the risk we are at most in danger of losing our freedoms that were constitutionally given.

I guess what I’m saying is this, these mandates are rediculess. I understand that there is a virus, I understand that a very few people such as our older population, and those with underlining medical conditions are most at risk.

However, not everyone is, so why punish the population for the risk of a few?

Let’s get down to the real reason these mandates are being enforced.

First before COVID hit, our economy was running at top notch, and it was because of our president and his choices to cut taxes, and other related policies.

COVID provided the perfect excuse to hurt anyone and everyone who supported President Trump

If you are a freedom loving entrepreneur, then you are right in the cross hairs of these governors.

Add to this that these governors do not practice what they demand of others, in many states, they are getting things for themselves, but normal everyday citizens can’t because the businesses are closed.

It’s OK to have riots, and even see businesses looted, and burned to the ground, but if a business wants to open and try and stay afloat this will be met with fines, and possible jail time.

Nothing that is being done makes any sense if you look at it rationally.

This is why we must look at what is behind all of this.

Everything political has a spiritual root.

We must recognize this, and redouble our efforts to get the word out, and even more so to pray.

I understand the temptation to complain. It gets stronger the more we have to deal with these mandates. However, complaining, is not going to help.

If you have a platform, a video channel, a podcast, a blog, use it to get the word out. We must hold these governors accountable. If you want to take this a step further, then call the offices, and voice your issues to them directly. There is a rule of thumb in political circles that for every voice that speaks up, there are a thousand being silent behind that voice.

So when you call, you are not alone in your beliefs.

Remember now more than ever, we must pray up, armor up, and war strong.

God bless,
Teresa Blaes.