So it seems that Google has stepped over the line and has approved an app for Muslims to report blasphemy
The app called Smart Pakem is approved and now available in the google play store with the sole intent to report anyone who speaks ill of Mohamed or breaks blasphemy laws
When you combine this fact with the fact that Apple has denied companies such as the Hagman report from even getting approved, when the Hagmann organization has spent over 8 grand getting the app developed or that Apple has removed almost all traces of Infowars podcasts, and their apps from their platforms and Tim Cook has made it clear that he believes they must remove all forms of hate speech from their platform, after receiving a reward from the anti-defamation league
I believe it is clear where we are headed the technocracy is growing, and they are working overtime to dictate the context of what is, and what is not allowed on their platform, we are entering a place where sure you can hold your opinion, but don’t you dare speak it aloud, or you will be silenced.
With apps like Smart Pakem and other measures put in place, the full-blown censorship police state is clearly underway and we are doing nothing about it.
Either we believe the constitutional right to free speech or we do not. No privet company has the right to hinder our right to free speech yet we see it happening all the time, with the social networks, as well as the podcast and app platforms.
Where do you stand? Do you agree with this censorship? Or do you believe this is something way outside of constitutional bounds?
I understand that these are private platforms, and they have the right to police their platform any way they choose but where is the line between constitutional violations and cleaning up the platform from bad actors? We had better find the answer to this, and quickly before it gets too far out of line.
Please comment, and share if you agree, or even if you don’t