Free speech is on the rise. 

While Facebook and Twitter are hammering down on the right, who dare to counter the Black Lives Matter narrative, There are those within the conservative movement who are not allowing the fake media to suppress their right to free speech.

Dan Bongino is one of them. 

He has the number one podcast in his market, and he has invested in Parlerwhich is an app dedicated to free speech. As of now, Parler is the most downloaded app in its category, even above Twitter. 

However, he is not alone in this fight, 

Mike Adams, known as the Health Ranger invested his own money into an alternative social platform, known as Brighteon. This platform is meant to counter the jackbooted tyranny found on youtube. 

Make no mistake, this is a fight, the social platforms understand that the only way to keep liberty-loving conservatives from speaking their mind, is to censor them, or remove them entirely. 

I have accounts on both platforms because I believe that one day, I might be removed from the social platforms because of my conservative viewpoint.

You can find me on Brighteon here, and on Parler here. 

I have said before that everything political has a spiritual root. 

The fact is that our fight is truly against the powers of the air, the enemy of our souls. 

We must pray up, armor up, and war strong. 

God bless, 

Teresa Blaes.