Due to COVID-19, the Philidelphia Police Department announced that they would not be arresting anyone for non- violent crimes. Instead, they would give them a ticket, and pick the perpetrators up later via a warrant, once the Carona virus emergency passes.
Some of the crimes included are drug dealing, vandalism, prostitution, personal theft, and auto theft.
The police spokesman added the following.
“a person that would ordinarily be arrested and processed at the  detective division, will now be temporarily detained for the purpose of confirming identity, as well as completion of required paperwork. At a later date that person will be arrested by warrant.”
This s is only the beginning. Here in Alamogordo, we have ben told to e-mail our police department for similar crimes, in other words, the criminals have ben given a pass. Whether they are actually picked up at a later date remains to be seen.
Here at Unresolved News, we believe that you can’t just watch the Corona Virus, but you have to keep an eye on the spin-off issues as well.
What happens when the cops let the criminals run the asylum? All-out bedlam.
This, leads to exactly the New World Order elites want,. Pure chaos.
Now is the time to take the proper steps to protect your family, because self-protection is not the police’s responsibility. You must protect your own belongings or consider your own welfare.  That is up to you.
Get what you need, before things get worse, and believe me, they will.
That said, the biggest thing you can do, is pray, because while things look bad, God can still come through for his people,  and he will always prove himself faithful.

Pray up, armor up, war strong!
Teresa Blaes