This week, we still do not know who the new President will be. There are challenges in the courts, and many who are upset at how the election process was handled.

However, while the country is focused on the election and the drama around it, something has been happening behind the scenes that could change how elections and related events are handled going into the future.

This article lays out what is going on in more detail, but in short, some of the liberal states are attempting to change how they will elect leaders both nationally, and for their states.

They are trying to switch from the electoral College to the popular vote.

This is not a good idea, despite how they spin it, because a popular vote is like asking two wolves and a sheep to vote on what’s for dinner. Three guesses on how that will turn out.

If we base all elections on the popular vote, then this leaves the window open for more voter fraud, and corruption.

We’ve already seen this being tried on a national stage in this election, if we ignore the constitution and only use the popular vote, then only democratic leadership will hold office, and we the lowly serfs will cease to have a voice.

We must pray and stand up as necessary.

This article is only my first step in standing up. Trust me, there is plenty more to come, keep watch to learn more.

In the meantime, stay strong. Yes this is a fight, and yes everything political has a spiritual root,

But this is a fight with the help of the Lord, we can and will win

So as always, Pray up, armor up, and war strong.

God bless,
Teresa Blaes.